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“A millennial’s take on Rashomon, with humour, soul-searching and social media commentary included in the fractured glances. It’s so well put together, it’s hard to believe this is Wong’s first feature.” [Peter Howell, Toronto Star]

“A unique approach to storytelling and character building, and it signals Wong as a major talent to watch.” [Katie Walsh, LA Times]

“A near-miracle of writing, Wexford Plaza breathes life into a Scarborough strip mall.” [Chris Knight, National Post]

“Subtle, clever and sobering” [Brad Wheeler, The Globe and Mail]

“Honest, darkly funny, unabashedly raw, and unforgiving in its small scope and big ideas about what it means to really grow up.”  [Ally Johnson, The Playlist]

“There’s an unexpected sweetness and sadness to Wexford Plaza….The delicate balance that Wong strikes makes Wexford Plaza a film worth seeking out.” [Matthew Passantino, Film Threat]

Wexford Plaza is current and young and perfectly captures the zeitgeist of a generation of disillusioned suburbanites, while somehow managing to be timeless and placeless and universal.” [Jessica Goddard, Wylie Writes]

“Newcomer Asselstine gives a remarkable performance as Betty, portraying her character with both subtlety and candor.” [Kathy Zhou, Slugmag]

“This movie works because it feels real” [Ernesto Zelaya Miñano, Screen Anarchy]

“Performances are quiet and understated to the point of perfection. These are lives lived not characters performed” [Steve Kopian, Unseen Films]

“What I loved is that this was a character that not portrayed in the usual way plus-size women are seen in films.” [Renee Cafaro, SLiNK]